The “dormant notes“ project was founded to rediscover the many musical treasures, potentially of international importance, which are lying dormant in the libraries of the monasteries and convents of Central Switzerland. Already over 40 music are available for performance.    to Download Centre

The practical steps involved in the project are:
• Reviewing the works in the libraries and selecting the choicest pieces
• Copying the original scores, which may be hand-written or printed, onto a computer
• Where required, editing the scores for practical use
• Presenting the re-discovered music in a series of concerts

For the first cycle of the dormant notes project, works by the most significant composers of the Rococo period (early 18th century) from the canton of Lucerne have been chosen :
• Josef Franz Xaver Dominik Stalder (1725-1765)
• Franz Joseph Leonti Meyer von Schauensee (1720-1789)
• Constatin Reindl (1738-1799)
• Abt Marianus Müller (1724-1780)

The initial cycle consists of a series of concerts held over five years in Central Switzerland and a one-off joint concert in Saitama (Japan).

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