Father Lukas Helg, Musical Librarian, Benedictin Monastery, Einsiedeln

The valuable musical treasures which lie in the music libraries of the monasteries of central Switzerland have been documented and archived in an exemplary fashion over the last decade by the RISM (Répertoire International des Sources Musicales). For this reason we cannot expect any further musical discoveries.
However it will take further efforts before we hear this music again. The Lucerne-based musician and conductor, Heirich Knüsel, has set himself the target of breathing life into cultural heritage. Through time-consuming editing of the scores and subsequent concert performances he will give life and voice back to our cultural treasures of previous centuries – a pioneering work which deserves our recognition and support.

Father Roman Hofer, Master of the Foundation Church, Benedictine Monastery, Engelberg

Hundreds of musical scores, both handwritten and printed, are kept in the music library of our monastery in Engelberg. Around 30 years ago we re-arranged these internationally-important treasures and the Répertoire International des Sources Musicales (RISM) documented the scores up to the year 1800.
The works remain as good as dead, however, if they are not performed. We therefore support your efforts, Mr. Knüsel, to bring these pieces back to life, through your editing and performances.
It is important to us that these important scores are preserved before any misfortune occurs. As recent history has shown, such cultural treasures can be lost through natural or other disasters, in spite of our best efforts to prevent them.
I wish you and your team every success in your venture and pledge my wholehearted support.

Dr. Berchtold Müller, Abbot of Engelberg Monastery

The “Dormant Notes“ project is very valuable and I wish you great success.

Professor Urs Fässler, Professor of History of Music, the School of Music (Musikhochschule) Lucerne

From a history of music perspective, I would like to support Heinrich Knüsel’s endeavours. Admittedly the works presented are neither sensational nor surprising. They are compositions which were created for daily use or special occasions which are of average quality. However they are of interest as an insight into local culture and can be considered as musical accompaniments to the colourful churches of central Switzerland. New performances of these works are to be welcomed, since any music which is not played remains culturally dead.

Dr. Hans Vontobel, Honorary Chairman of the Board, Bank Vontobel AG

I was very interested in your “Dormant Notes” concept. These treasures, lying untouched for ages, need to be documented before they are damaged or destroyed by outside events, like floods. The project has my greatest sympathy.

H.S.H Prince Etienne von Arenberg, Deputy Chairman of the Arenberg Archives and Cultural Centre

Your project is of the highest interest. You should be proud of and satisfied with the positive progress and success of ‘Dormant Notes’.